Normal Happiness🌈✨

Often we think that happiness has to be something extraordinary, but it can actually come in many forms. One of those forms is normalcy. At the beginning of a lecture, I asked the audience two questions: “Are you happy now?” and “Are you sad now?”


Out of over 600 people in the room, many raised their hands in response to the first question, but even more raised their hands in response to the second. But what about the people who didn’t raise their hands for either question? I then asked, “Who thinks that I am happy?” and “Who thinks that I am sad?” Again, many raised their hands in response to both questions. “Does that mean I look sad!?” After the laughter died down, I then made an interesting observation.


Many times we think that happiness has to be something special or something we have to earn, and that we can only be happy when we achieve it. This leads us to never train our minds to deal with life and emotions in a way that allows us to be content in the present moment. But contentment in the present moment is a form of happiness too. And normalcy can be a form of happiness as well. We often seek happiness in extraordinary things or get caught up in sadness from losses or rejection, but we forget that happiness can come from normalcy.


Finding joy in everyday things can increase our happiness. We forget that normalcy can also bring us happiness. Happiness can come from the normal things in life, like waking up and seeing our family members, unexpectedly running into friends, having a pain-free day, and having normal relationships with those around us.


“Normalcy is happiness.” If we practice seeing normalcy as a form of happiness, we may find ourselves becoming happier than before.


Rearranged from a speech given at 2023 freshman orientation by Chanita Butrattana, Buriram Rajabhat University


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