Factors Affecting the Success of the Inno–Life Tourism Based Communities: A Case Study of Bannmai Village, Sawai Chik Sub-district, Mueang District, Buriram Province


This studyaims tostudytheleadership factors, participationfactorsand culture
factors that affects the success of Inno-Life community at Chik Sub-district, Mueang
District,Buriram Province.Samplesare5leadersand committeeinthecommunityand
350members.Theselectivesamplingmethod isused in data Collection byinterviewing
with leaders and committee, and distribute questionnaires to community members.
Regression analysis is used as data analysis tool. Results showed that leadership
factors, participation factors and cultural factors are positively impact on the success
of the Inno-Life community. Knowledge application using information technology in
community management and cultural awareness among members in the community
enable members to operate successfully and being recognized by outsiders.
Leadership factors, Participation factors, Cultural factors, Success of Inno-Life
tourism based community



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