Reflections on Attending ISET2023: A Stepping Stone in Science Education Research

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the International Conference for Science Educators and Teachers (ISET2023), 13-14 May 2023, in Phuket, Thailand.šŸ–ļø As a researcher in Science Education, I looked forward to presenting my qualitative research, ā€œConstructivist learning environment with a Physics teacher as facilitatorā€, and engaging with fellow professionals in the field.

As an oral presenter, I had the chance to share my qualitative research findings with an attentive audience. The feedback and discussions that followed were informative and suggestions for future studies. Attending ISET2023 was inspiring as it exposed me to diverse presentations and keynote speeches. These sessions showcased the latest research, innovative approaches, and emerging trends in Science Education.

The conference expanded my knowledge and challenged my understanding of the field. I left with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for further research. Additionally, observing other researchersā€™ presentations and witnessing their passion for science education motivated me to strive for excellence in my own work.

ISET2023 was a valuable experience that influenced my journey as a Science Education researcher. The conference provided an opportunity to present my research, engage in discussions, and connect with professionals in the field and offered potential collaborations. I am grateful for the insights gained at the conference and look forward to applying them to advance science teaching and learning in the future. šŸ˜Š


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